1. Ben and I create a treasure hunt for Rosie. She finds it more exciting than the organic chocolate egg at the end. Verdict: ‘I don’t really like it.’
2. Ben’s friend and rehab mentor relapses on Friday. Ben is anxious. So am I. I can’t help thinking this spells doom for Ben. Then Ben says he wants to make the 2.5 hour journey to help his friend but the guy doesn’t think it’s safe. Impressive logic for someone blitzed on vodka and valium.
3. Ben spends every spare hour on the phone talking to this guy, trying to make sure he is ok.
4. I grow bitter, thinking of all the times I was depressed and Ben found somewhere else to be. Then I tell him what I’m thinking. We revert to silent unease and accusatory sighs.
5. Meanwhile, BT hijacks my phone number and I lose both my number and my internet connection. I am not even a BT customer.
6. My providers claim there was nothing they could have done about my unauthorised disconnection, but waste no time in selling me a new package. They can’t activate my service for another 3 weeks.
7. Ben and I resume a fragile alliance come morning.
8. I compose this post on my 4x5cm phone.


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