How to disappear completely

As joblessness and interviews/interrogations approach, and family life takes a turn for the tense, I offer here the equivalent of hiding under the duvet. I’m not here…. this isn’t happening. (I could add the lalalala-with-hands-over-the-ears bit, but you get the gist).


7 thoughts on “How to disappear completely

  1. I was unemployed in the last recession and know that it’s a total s**t of a time.

    I did get employment when things picked up. In between I spent the time when I wasn’t looking for work (I didn’t have any experience in anything, so jobs I could actually apply for were few and far between) doing things I don’t have time to do now I’m employed

    I know you won’t have money, but things like drawing with Rosie or making bubbles with her come cheap. Haunt your local pound shops where the cheap things live. Tesco and Homebase have DVDs going for £3 or £4 if money will stretch to it.

    • Hey, yeah… it’s crap. In fact, there are jobs in the new structure, so hopefully I nab one. I think it’s the impossible situation we’ve been put in – where we are left competing against our colleagues, where some are taking a very cut-throat approach to the whole thing. That’s what’s getting me down. I probably could do with a little time off, to be honest. Thanks for thinking of us. : )

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