Today is your birthday…

source: King

Ben’s birthday. Yes. I know. But Rosie can’t be let down when it comes to birthdays. Birthdays are birthdays. There must be cake, special lemonade and gifts. It’s her dad’s birthday and I can’t disappoint. So, despite feeling less than motivated, I bake a cake with Rosie (a Victoria sponge) and she decorates it (whipped cream, strawberries and raspberries all higgledy-piggledy). I take some time off to buy some Chinese food and pick up his gift. She makes the card (a drawing of a unicorn that looks suspiciously like a moose). And we all sit at the table and eat together – something we only do at Christmas time. Rosie is ecstatic. Ben is mildly astonished that we’ve (I’ve) gone to this much trouble. And then, I am wholly astonished when he kisses me before he leaves. On the cheek, of course. I make sure of that. Rosie gives him an A&E kiss, as Ben calls it, which consists of eye-gouging alongside sloppy kisses on the forehead. And then he’s gone. Honestly? I don’t mind.


8 thoughts on “Today is your birthday…

  1. You are such a good mom! It would have been so easy/tempting not to do the birthday party thing! Way to take the ‘high road’!

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