On Monday, I was interviewed for an internal post. As you all know, the roles in my team were made redundant earlier this month as part of an organisational re-structure. And as part of that exercise, all of us had to go through the ignominy of re-applying for our posts. Many of my colleagues took the redundancy package instead.

My package is comparatively small, so I opted for re-deployment, and on Monday, found myself sitting before a panel of three, two of whom know me well enough, and I gave an adrenaline-soaked performance that left me shivering and high by the end. Continue reading


Sleep loss and other weekend pastimes


Most of you will be aware that I’m heading for the chop at work. The next eight weeks or so will be fraught, with some of my colleagues deciding to leave our organisation (after giving the better part of their working lives to it), and others choosing to stay put  because they can’t afford not to. Continue reading

15 minutes

Warhol’s infamous soup screenprint

A humble slice of time, yet sometimes, 15 minutes is all it takes. Warhol infamously suggested that everyone would have their moment one day, and that moment would last for 15 minutes. No more, no less.

Relationships are kindled, deals struck, meals quaffed, bodies toned, orgasms achieved, minds re-charged, journeys ended, posts written – all within a mere 900 seconds. And every 15 minutes, we are told, someone is killed by a drunk driver.

My 15 minutes came today. Continue reading